Road Safety is a community issue, and it’s up to all of us to minimise the risk of crashes and to save lives. Whether you are on two wheels, four wheels or more when driving for work, or you work on or near a road, we all need to take personal responsibility for our safety, and the safety of others.

National Safe Work Month in Australia occurs in October each year. In 2022, 195 fatalities occurred in the Australian workplace. 72% of workplace fatalities involved a vehicle. Vehicle incidents are the most common cause of workplace injuries.

The Australian Road Safety Foundation aims to highlight work-related road risk and invites all organisations with employees to include road safety in their workplace health and safety conversations.

Road safety is a global issue that ranks as one of the most pressing matters facing society today. The social, economic, and emotional costs are immense, and road trauma is estimated to cost the Australian economy $30 billion annually.

All businesses, organisations and road users are encouraged to get involved and to take personal responsibility to help make a significant reduction in road trauma.

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