Behind every fatality and serious injury statistic, there are thousands of stories. The ARSF strive to provide support and understanding to ultimately assist road trauma victims to begin to heal. 

Click below to hear their stories.

Jessica Hargraves bravely shares the tragic story of losing her husband, James in a car accident in the hopes that all road users will understand – these are not just road trauma numbers, these are lives.

Nigel & Jody Smith share the story of their son, Lachlan. He was a passenger in a car when he was killed at high speed. A promising young life was tragically taken too soon, and a community of loving family and friends left behind to deal with the unthinkable heartache.

Elise Kennedy was just 20 years old when her life was altered forever. Confined to a wheelchair because of one person’s individual decision, Elise now advocates to prevent further stories like hers as an ambassador for P.A.R.T.Y (Preventing Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth).

The 24th November 2021, should be Elle Underhill’s 10th birthday, instead we are honouring her young life.  Elle loved the colour purple and butterflies so people from around the world are painting pebbles not only to remember Elle but as a symbol for change amongst the community.

As part of World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2021 – People globally have painted a pebble for Elle, for Olivia, and for the many millions killed and seriously injured on the world’s roads.  Be the change you want to see on the road.  #ChooseRoadSafety

Tim & Tegan share the agony of watching helplessly in the rear-view mirror as their eight-year-old daughter was killed in a car that flipped and rolled behind them. They share their story in the hope of saving other families from the devastating effects of road trauma.

After tragically losing her 17-year-old daughter in a car crash in 2020, Brisbane mum Kellie Postle is bravely speaking out ahead of Fatality Free Friday. Together, we can stop devastating circumstances like this from happening again.

Nick Bell is a first responder with more than 30 years experience in the Fire & Rescue Service and has been heavily involved in critical incident response throughout his career. Nick shares his personal story and the realities of road trauma with us this Rural Road Safety Month. 

Michelle Underhill’s life changed forever after tragically losing her four-year-old daughter, Elle, to road trauma in 2015. Please, take the #ChooseRoadSafety pledge and live the pledge each time you get behind the wheel, so we can prevent devastating circumstances like this happening again. #RuralRoadSafetyMonth

On May 29 2020, Adrian Barnett lost his 21-year-old daughter, Emily, in a tragic car crash on a rural road outside of Rockhampton. The Barnett family is passionate about sharing Emily’s story to raise awareness of the devastating impacts that road trauma has on families, friends and communities. This is their story.

We remember the 1,195 people who tragically lost their lives on Australian roads in 2019 through our digital mosaic artwork that features 1,195 images of everyday people including families of road trauma victims, first responders, community road safety advocates and those directly affected by road trauma.

Road trauma does not discriminate. Less than six months ago, Roxanne Arnold’s 41-year-old husband, Steve, was tragically killed in a road accident outside Sydney.

In 2012, Melissa and Peter McGuinness’s 18-year-old son, Jordan, was speeding and under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he drove his car into a stationary vehicle. His choices killed four young victims in the other car and also himself. For further information behind this story, please visit You Choose Youth Road Safety

For further information behind this story, please visit Georgina Josephine Foundation

For further information behind this story, please visit Blue Datto Foundation

For further information behind this story, please visit Driver Fatigue Awareness

For further information behind this story, please visit Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation