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RoadSet is an innovative Ed-tech tool aimed at Year 9 students. It features ten memorable and engaging modules covering road safety issues relating to pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, skateboard and scooter riders and ultimately becoming a safe driver. The FREE road safety modules in RoadSet aim to support the quality teaching and learning of road safety in school and community road safety education programs. They can be easily accessed on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Visit RoadSet www.roadset.com.au

Getting Started is Easy and Fast. Students simply select Get Started,enter their details and commence their journey to becoming safer road users.
10 Modules

Learn safety awareness skills from being a pedestrian to ultimately becoming a driver.

10 Learning Activities

Access teaching ideas and supporting worksheets through the teacher resources page.

100 minutes run time

Implement RoadSet with flexibility.  The online program will save each student’s progress ready for the next module.