Road Safety is a community issue, and it’s up to all of us to minimise the risk of crashes and to save lives. We work with partners, governments, councils, school and workplace communities, likeminded groups and individuals to find innovations and practical solutions to address the issue. 

Throughout the year, ARSF runs several awareness campaigns, events and educational programs. 

ARSF has developed ideas on how to get involved and a variety of digital assets to help you build road safety awareness throughout your community. Some ideas include: 

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Get involved now and support road safety

RoadSet is an interactive online road safety learning experience that is designed to educate and empower our youth (14 – 15 years) to become safer, better road users. The self-paced experience led by a narrator, features original relatable animation and interactive gamified learning. RoadSet helps to develop road awareness skills across a range of conditions, environments, and scenarios.

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