Road Safety Resilience is about ensuring all road users have the skills and strategies required when using the road. Our aim is to provide road users with tips and insights to build their own road safety resilience plan.

Empowering all road users to become more resilient will help the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) improve the safety of every road user, every day to achieve a significant year-on-year reduction in road deaths and injuries nationally.

ARSF continues to strive to encourage Road Safety Resilience through:

Promoting community engagement through innovative road safety awareness programs, campaigns and events.

RoadSet is an award-winning, free online learning program that teaches children age-appropriate road safety on how to be better, safer road users when on, near or using the road. It addresses all road users including bike, scooter, skateboard riders, passengers, pedestrians and young drivers. (click here for more)

Russell White, ARSF’s CEO and Founder, is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading Road Safety commentators and advocates. Russell shares his expertise in road safety through keynote speaking events, advisory roles to both State and Federal governments and through our community engagement programs.

ARSF regularly commissions research, and this is shared with the community via campaigns and events.

Encouraging all organisations, workplaces, community groups and individual road users in the importance of on-going training and education.

Community Engagement:
Campaign activations provide ARSF with the opportunity and voice to raise awareness and knowledge to help build road safety resilience throughout our communities.

Creating Awareness:
ARSF promotes awareness of the physical and mental illness, death and disability that result from road crashes and incidents.

Promoting Resilience:
ARSF encourages everyone to build their road safety resilience plan and to take actions to improve the safety of every road user. Be prepared for the unexpected by building knowledge to negate hazards and to use the safest options when they present. Continue education and training to prepare your vehicles/rideables for the journey to be undertaken, in all conditions.

The Australian Road Safety Foundation’s commitment to Road Safety Resilience aims to positively influence road users’ awareness and behaviour through a more engaging and proactive narrative.

Every road user must make important road safety decisions every time they are on or around our roads. To be prepared to make these split-second decisions that could save a life, you must have a plan. Have you got a Road Safety Resilience Plan to ensure your preparedness, prevention and response?

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