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1 June 2019


Sadly, despite almost half a million Australians choosing to pledge their support for Fatality Free Friday yesterday, one person was killed in the Darling Downs region of Crows Nest.

While a highway rollover claimed the life of a 20-year-old in Queensland, the remaining states and territories achieved a Fatality Free Friday.

Australian Road Safety Foundation founder and CEO Russell White said his and the team’s thoughts were with the loved ones of the young woman who lost her life yesterday.

“When one person is killed on our roads, there are countless loved ones who will forever bear the burden of losing that person,” Mr White said.

“This is why we’re committed to advocating for road safety on Fatality Free Friday, and each and every day of the year.

“While we can record how many fatalities there were, we cannot count the number of lives that were saved. One life lost on our roads is one too many, so we will continue to drive home the safety message.”

Mr White said it was the hope of the Foundation that if people committed to driving safely on Fatality Free Friday, that they would do so the next day and ultimately change their behaviour entirely.

“Too many fatal road crashes are the result of someone’s attitude or action – to speed, use a mobile phone, drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drive fatigued, or run a red light – we all have the choice to be safe on or near the roads,” he said.

“Through the Fatality Free Friday initiative, our ‘choose road safety’ message has reached millions, achieved close to half a million pledges, and is encouraging safer behaviour on the roads 365 days a year.”

Held annually on the last Friday in May, Fatality Free Friday is the nation’s largest community-based road safety initiative.

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The Australian Road Safety Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving road safety awareness, enhancing driver education and reducing the impact of road trauma. The Foundation strives to improve road safety outcomes, develop research and education programs and work to inform policy makers on methods to address road safety issues. It also provides an umbrella organisation for other road safety programs and community groups. ARSF is helping to develop a sustainable strategy for reducing the social and economic costs of road crashes, as well as providing a platform for future research and advocacy programs.