The 7th annual International Conference on URBAN Traffic Safety is being held in Edmonton, Canada in April 2015 and will feature Australian Road Safety Foundation CEO Russell White as a guest speaker.

With over 300 national and international guests in attendance, the conference aims to:

– Increase public awareness of traffic safety issues in our communities and provide a focus on vulnerable road users;
– Showcase innovative ideas, technologies and strategies to deal with current and emerging traffic safety issues;
– Create a strong culture of traffic safety through the use of social research and social media, and;
– Provide an opportunity for traffic safety stakeholders to network, develop skills and forge connections with the global traffic safety community.

The conference doesn’t just bring together road safety stakeholders and industry professionals for several days of innovative content, it also provides strong advocacy for a safe system approach to tackling traffic safety issues.  In addition the conference provides an scholarship program which supplies funds to outstanding graduate level students.  Alongside keynote presenters from Canada, the US, Egypt, the UK and New Zealand, Russell White’s years of experience and expertise in road safety has been recognised by the event organisers as being a valuable asset to the program line up.

For more information about the International Conference on URBAN Traffic Safety, click here.