Running the correct tyre pressures in your tyres will ensure maximum wear, which means your getting the most out of your tyres. It also optimises ride comfort and fuel economy, so there are plenty of reasons to keep on top of them!



As seen in this diagram, the tyre is over inflated and not sitting squarely on the road. The normal flexing of the tyre will be reduced and result in undue wear in the centre of the tread. Over inflation makes the fabric pile more susceptible to damage too! Plus the ride comfort might be a little on the stiff side.


Too little air in a tyre produces abnormal defection of the tyre and results in excess wear in the shoulder area as well as excessive heat build-up. The extra strain increases the risk of fabric damage and separation failures.



With the increasing popularity of low profile tyres comes a hidden danger. The sidewalls in these low profile tyres are so stiff that they don’t bulge out much as all, so their won’t be any external sign that the tyre pressure could be incorrect. Make sure you use a tyre gauge to check your pressures regularly, and if you have trouble remembering to check your tyres you can sign up for a FREE ‘Tyre Check Tuesday’ SMS reminder here

For more information on how to correctly check your tyre pressures and tread check out our range of helpful videos.