Fatality Free Friday (FFF) aims to ensure there is not a single road death in Australia for one day – Friday, 27 May 2016. Michelin Australia Managing Director, Cedric Binoit said Michelin were committed to the road safety ethos behind the 2016 FFF campaign, not only for their staff but also the wider community.

“For Michelin, the safety of road users around the world is an ever-present concern,” said Mr Binoit.

“Every year, 1.2 million people are killed and another 50 million injured in traffic accidents. Michelin are proud to support the Australian Road Safety Foundation to raise awareness of what can be done to reduce this impact. We urge everyone to take the Fatality Free Friday pledge; it is the responsibility of each of us to make roads safer.”

Australian Road Safety Foundation CEO Russell White said support of the 2016 Fatality Free Friday campaign from organisations like Michelin Australia was critical in generating awareness of the event and road safety.

“We applaud Michelin Australia for standing up and making a commitment to road safety by supporting Fatality Free Friday and the Australian Road Safety Foundation,” said Mr White.

Mr White stated that Michelin’s corporate history and commitment to road safety was unrivalled.

“Michelin has a long track record as an industry leader in road safety and we are delighted to have them on board supporting Fatality Free Friday.

“Having Michelin involved greatly helps to emphasise the importance of road and driver safety. We look forward to working closely with Michelin on their mission towards safer roads,” he said.

In addition to developing tyres that help motorists brake earlier, grip better in the wet and handle better in corners, Michelin supports measures to make driving safer, providing employees with training and promoting road safety to the wider public.

Michelin invests significantly worldwide to support global road safety initiatives. In Australia this includes partnerships with Porsche, in particular the Porsche Kids Driving School, and with No Second Chance (N2C), a community safety program targeting Australian teens.

Michelin Australia also has policies in place to help protect our workers on the road.

“In Australia we have put in place strict guidelines around travel, particularly fatigue management. We discourage the use of mobile phones in the car – regardless of it being hands free or not. We want to remove any unnecessary distractions in the car,” said Mr Binoit.

Join thousands of Australians from around the country and visit www.fatalityfreefriday.com before Friday 27 May 2016 to sign the Road Safety pledge.
For more information about Michelin please visit www.michelin.com.au

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