Driving safely on wet roads

Driving on wet roads can be treacherous and challenging even for the best drivers so keep these handy tips in mind next time you have to travel in the wet. Remember driving in torrential rain should be avoided where possible and if it’s flooded, forget it!

  1. Always drive with two hands to stay in control
  2. Slow down: tyres will have better traction and contact with the road
  3. Increase your distance from other cars significantly.
  4. Stay vigilant of other drivers and dangers in your surroundings. Anticipate dangerous situations rather than waiting to react to them.
  5. Before turning: only brake in a straight line before the turn, and do so gradually. Do not brake during the turn as this can make you slip.
  6. While turning: slow down before turning, and maintain a consistent speed throughout the turn.
  7. While turning: don’t make any sudden steering wheel movements.
  8. Inspect your tyres monthly: make sure that your tyres have the proper amount of tread and tyre pressure.
  9. Choose tyres that offer maximum grip in wet weather.