Tyres over five years old are lets face it…..getting on a bit! It’s wise to have them checked by a professional but even relatively new tyres need regular checks for sidewall damage, such as cuts or bulges, and treads need checking for nails or tears.

Although the minimum amount of tread required for a car to be roadworthy is 1.6mm, it is wise to replace tyres at 2mm, as wet-weather grip is diminished significantly as the tread depth diminishes.


Reading Tyre Wear


Wear Pattern: Excessive wear on shoulders or outer edges

Possible Causes: Lack of rotation; High Speed Cornering; Under-Inflation





Wear Pattern: Excessive wear on centre section

Possible Causes: Over-Inflation; Lack of Rotation






Wear Pattern: Feathered or saw-tooth tread

Possible Causes: Incorrect toe-in




Wear Pattern: Irregular spots or depressions

Possible Causes: Unbalanced tyre and wheel; Defective Tyre





Wear Pattern: Cupped or scalloped depressions

Possible Causes: Lack of rotation; Improper Alignment; Worn or Damaged Steering or Suspension Parts





Wear Pattern: Cracked Ribs

Possible Causes: Overloading; High Speed Driving; Alternate Over & Under Inflation





Wear Pattern: Excessive wear on one side of the tread

Possible Causes: Excessive Camber