Drought-affected farmers across regional Queensland are set to receive a welcome boost in the New Year with Caltex Australia helping to power a 120-truck convoy of donated hay bales.

The Australian fuel supplier has donated $10,000 of diesel towards the annual event to transport hay from Darlington Point in NSW, stopping off at farms in Central Western Queensland through to Ilfracombe in the Sunshine state.

Caltex is just one of many local supporters of NSW Riverina-based farmer Brendan Farrell, whose latest convoy filled with 5000 bales of donated hay is scheduled to depart on 7 January.

This is the second year Caltex has supported the hay run, which has delivered over 16,250 squares and rolls of donated hay to more than 2500 farmers since February 2014.

“It’s mind-boggling to see the incredible generosity of local communities and truck drivers who’ve donated time and money to support this initiative,” Mr Farrell said.

“The Burrumbuttock Hay Run is growing every year. Last year we had 21 trucks, this year we have the longest convoy of donated hay in the world, stretching more than 66km if the trucks were placed in a line at 500 metres apart.

“People from all walks of life are wanting to help out any way they can – it’s great to see the Aussie spirit come back ten-fold.”

Caltex Marketing Sponsorship Manager Geoff Nevill said the volunteer truck drivers would have access to Australia’s largest network of truck refuelling outlets, where they could safely stop over and fill-up with diesel using the donated StarCash.

“Caltex has been delivering fuel to Australian farmers for more than a century, in the good times and the bad – we know many farmers are doing it tough at the moment,” Mr Nevill said.

“This drought has been going on for far too long – we can’t do much about the weather but we can keep showing our support to Australian farmers, who are the lifeblood of our country.”

For more information about the hay drive initiative, go to the Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Burrumbuttock-Hay-Runners-1397618033820716/

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