As children across the country return to schools, The Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) is reminding Australian motorists about the importance of safe driving practices in school zones.

Worryingly, more than half (52%) of Australian parents admit to speeding, using their mobile phone or driving distracted while their own kids are in the car ^ and a whopping 72% of Australian parents admit to taking risks such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving fatigued, driving without wearing a seatbelt, speeding and driving distracted ^.

Furthermore, research recently conducted by the ARSF and AAMI has shown that the most dangerous time to be on Australian roads is in the afternoon, around school pick up time.

Australian Road Safety Foundation Founder and CEO, Russell White, said: “These statistics highlight a casual attitude towards risky driving behaviours, and surprisingly more so amongst parents.”

“Despite all the safety messages about the potential road safety risks around schools, some parents continue to do the wrong thing. They don’t factor in the dangers these sorts behaviours can create, but the consequences are simply not worth it,” Mr White said.

“We urge motorists, parents and children to remain vigilant around roads, particularly in the afternoon, and always expect the unexpected to ensure everyone has a safe first week back to school.”

The ARSF’s official vehicle partner, Subaru, have launched video reminder to motorists and parents encouraging them to take special care when driving through school zones or picking up/dropping off their kids to school. To view the video, please visit: Subaru Back to School Video

Subaru has a variety of convenience and safety technologies that can assist Australian motorists in their efforts to drive safely in school zones including Apple CarPlay ® and Android Auto TM compatibility to reduce mobile phone distraction, Adaptive Cruise Control for adhering to the

40km/hr speed limit and visibility aids including Rear Cross Traffic Alert plus reverse, side and front view cameras *. Subaru’s award-winning EyeSight ® Driver Assist safety technology is like a second pair of eyes watching out for you, and Australian school children, every day *.

Subaru’s latest School Zone Safety message is all in service of Subaru’s safety vision of working towards zero fatal road accidents in a Subaru vehicle by the year 2030 **. To find out more about Subaru Australia’s safety commitment, visit

^ Research conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, April 2019, n=1001 nationally representative by gender, age and location of Australian drivers aged 18 years and over. Parents defined as having one or more offspring considered currently independent if aged 24 years and older or currently dependent if aged under 24 years.

* Different Subaru models and variants are fitted with different convenience and safety technologies. To check which convenience and safety technologies are fitted to your preferred Subaru model or variant please visit or talk to your local authorised Subaru Retailer.

 **Subaru Corporation (the Japanese manufacturer of Subaru cars) has publicly stated its aim to reduce the number of fatal accidents in a Subaru vehicle to zero by 2030 as well as the number of fatalities among pedestrians, cyclists and the like as a result of a collision with a Subaru vehicle. For more information on Subaru Corporation’s CSR initiatives visit

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